Welcome to Passionate for His Purpose


Welcome to Passionate for His Purpose

About Passionate for His Purpose

Passionate for His Purpose is a ministry run by me, Mark Burke and my wife, Tricia Burke, to teach and train you about truths that are near and dear to our Heavenly Father’s heart.  It is all about learning of the desires and intents of the heart of God.  Passion is within the hearts and minds of every person on this planet.  This ministry is devoted to focusing on those things that our Father and Lord Jesus Christ are continually driven by around the Throne in heaven.  The apostle Paul said it well in the book of Romans.

Romans 8:28   28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

As Christians, we should be focused on His purpose not our own purpose.  All things are not going to work out for our good if we don’t have a heart that is after God and driven by what is in His mind and heart.  It is all about being called according His purpose.  One of our main objectives with this site is to instruct the body of Christ about His purpose.  It is prayer that as you partake of the various offerings on these pages that your relationship with God will become one of intimacy and depth in Him.  God wants us to know Him in deeper ways.  It is our prayer that the Lord will bless you with all the content that is being offered through this venue.

Who is Mark Burke?

I am a passionate pursuer of the heart of God, teacher, preacher, and author.  I am in my mid-forties and married to my adorable, sweet wife Tricia.  We have two dogs Molly and Bitsy.  We do not have any children due to wife being unable to conceive.  At a very early age she was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a complete hysterectomy.  Our two furry ones are our children.

I graduated from Bible college with a degree in Preaching and Evangelism/Bible.   After graduation, God led my wife and I to the Dallas Metroplex region.  I started out my professional career as a social worker in a local agency in Mesquite, Texas for approximately three years.  Not my dream job but it paid the bills.  I thought we would go into full time evangelistic ministry but it did not happen.

After moving to Texas my wife immediately began her career working in Christian school environment.  At the time, I had not secured a position yet but was looking to use my ministerial degree to work in some Christian position.  I thought I would be able to start working in the ministry as a traveling evangelist but this was not manifesting at the time.  I needed to find work as soon as possible.  I soon found out about the Texas Workforce Commission and registered with this agency to help me begin my job search.  I have some previous job experience working in oil fields and some experience work in retail while attending college.  I ended up accepting a position in the welfare reform system as a social worker for a few years.  After doing this for a few years, I continued working with the agency but moved into another position to assist people that needed training to go back to school.  I worked for a few years as a Workforce Investment Act counselor.

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