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Astheneo Miracles

Because of Christ's inner burden, the Bible says that He healed those that were in an infirmed condition. The burden of God's heart is for people that are infirmed to receive restoration. God is calling for the people of God to rise up and function in their kingdom purpose.

The Beheading of John the Baptist

This type of ministry did not cease with John the Baptist. We are called to prepare the way for our Lord to come in our day.  Like John, God is calling His people to be the voice of of one in the wilderness in preparing the way of the Lord.

Churches of the Saints

If God ever had a prophetic word and He does, for the modern church today, it would be it is time to grow up.  He is not interested in men or women remaining in a milk-level relationship with Him.  He wants His children to grow up and truly enter into the deeper places of His heart and His Kingdom in the heavens and the earth.  Our God is raising up Churches of the Saints all across the world who are passionately devoted to His eternal plan and purpose.   

Falsehoods in the Demonic Realm

Our relationship with God is of the utmost importance during these times of great deception.  We must continually come before Him to have our discernment sharpened and activated in supernatural ways.  We will not be able to discern this kind of demonic deception without knowing the Lord, that which comes by constant communing with Him.  Do not be afraid because the Lord your God is with you even until the end of the world.  If God is for us, who can be against us?

Krazo Intercession

As intercessors, we have a tremendous responsibility before the Throne of God to allow His breath to breathe through us. No matter what some people think of this type of offering, it must be released into the spirit realm. You are called to be a krazo intercessor. Be strong in the Lord and let His Spirit roar through you in krazo fashion!

Meat in the House

If you are a pastor, associate pastor, or any other kind of leader you must ask yourself, Am I giving out meat to the people I am called to minister to?  If not you need to get before the Lord and ask Him to give you a hunger and thirst for more of Him.  Knowing about God and actually knowing Him are two different things.

Overcoming a Fault

God is identifying specific ways that the enemy will attempt to stop or hinder a person from moving forward in their individual or corporate purpose in Him. Learn more about how to identify various tactics of the enemy in causing individuals to deviate from their purpose.  We must continue to be spirtually alert in these days.

Overcoming the Deaf & Dumb Spirit

This spiritual being is influencing people and churches all across America and all over the world. Some of these individuals and churches do not even realize that this spirit is affecting them. Learn more about how this spirit operates to possess or oppress individuals within or outside the church world.

Overcoming the Wicked One

The spirit being identified as the Wicked One attempts to catch away the Word of the Kingdom that is sown. He has the ability to detect weaknesses in individuals that lack the capacity to understand the deeper things of the Holy Spirit. Once this is detected, he comes immediately to intercept the Word.  Satan and all his forces are relentless in the pursuit to deceive even the very elect.

Watch and Pray

Watchmen in the church! This is a powerful statement, but also a very misunderstood kind of ministry that God speaks very candidly about in the Bible. Some, however, within the religious sector of the church would attempt to discredit individuals with watchman giftings and anointings. Learn more about your responsibilities as intercessors and watchmen in the last days.

The Wisdom of God

The greatest days of the Church are rapidly approaching as the fullness of the Lord will be demonstrated in some of the most remarkable ways. One of those ways is by His wisdom. It is important that we remain committed to coming before Him in intercession. Wisdom is obtained through continual communing with the Most High.