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Real World Testimonies

Larry Sparrow


"Mark Burke has done a masterful job of exploring this concept of Shama. I was challenged to become a person who hears the voice of God and quickly obeys what is spoken from the right hand of God’s throne.  In perfecting this skill, through this insightful teaching, I have been enhanced in my gifting, as a pastor, to completely adhere to the commandments from God’s right hand."

Robyn McDole


"I am so grateful to Father God for all the revelation that he has been pouring out over the years. One of those revelations is the book entitled “Shama”. I am a preacher’s kid, grew up being taught I could talk to God but truthfully, you can’t hear from Him. That never set well with me. When Mark Burke was given this revelation on the term shama and he shared it with the Saints, what an eye-opening experience for me. I can only say that knowing I can hear from God and that I am to obey what He is telling or showing me to do just revolutionized my relationship with Father God."

Vicki Sparrow


"The deeper truth of Shama is life-changing to a heart that desires God’s heart. To realize that God’s concern has always been that we not just hear a thing and add it to our library of knowledge, but that we listen with spiritual intelligence and then immediately obey that directive, was a juncture point of grace in my life. It added an urgency to everything I heard from Father’s heart."

Sylvia Binachon


"God is always looking for an intercessor. Through many Scriptures Mark Burke demonstrates how powerfully this loud intercession from our hearts will impact the spirit realm and the earth as we offer ourselves this way. Throughout the pages, I realized how important it is to allow the breath of the Spirit to blow deeply within us this way. So do not wait to discover the many facets of this krazo intercession."